The war on Biblical faith, and the martyrs of “Rua dos Judeus” in Old Goa

84 Jewish converts to Catholicism, also called “New Christians”, were burnt at stake in Old Goa during a timespan of 31 years, from 1560 A.D to 1591 A.D. They were mostly traders or merchants, and were connected to “Rua Dos Judeus”. The Street of the Jews.


1. The confirmation of Martyrs:
2. The “degredado’s” in the service of the Portuguese:
3. The native Jews of the West Coast of India:
4. The 10 lost tribes and the Jews of Goa:
5. The ideology behind the Inquisition of Goa:
6. The “hundred Jews” mentioned by Charles Dellon:
7. The burning of pre-Portuguese manuscripts and books:

By Ivar Fjeld.
Fjeld is an investigative journalist and researcher in ancient Christianity in India. He holds a diploma from the Academy of Journalism in Oslo (1991), and is a member of the Press Club of the Parliament of Norway. He has had a residence in Goa since 2001. (Not finalized document).10th of August 2013.

Download a free copi (PDF-file) of the book.


From the event in Hotel Vivanta by Taj, Panjim, Goa, 31st of January 2014.

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