There was a Jewish community in Goa, who settled in Pre-Portuguese time. The community did not survive the Inquisition in Goa, who lasted 252 years. From 1560 A.D to  1812 A.D.

The modern day research into the life and legacy of the Jews of Goa has gone on for more than two decades.  You can contact these persons for further information:

Mr. Ivar Fjeld, Goa, India. Email: ivarfjeld@yahoo.com

Dr. Shalva Weil, Jerusalem, Israel. Email:shalva.weil@mail.huji.ac.il

Prof. Gideon Avni, Jerusalem, Israel.  Email: gideon@israntique.org.il

Mrs. Sarah Beckerman, Toronto, Canada. Email: beckerman.sarah@gmail.com