The Bocarro (Diaz Tavares) family in Goa

Research into the legacy of the Bocarro (Diaz Tavares) family in Goa:

Mr. Francisco (Diaz) Bocarro
Mr. Pedro Diaz (Tavares) Bocarro
Mr. Manuel Tavares Bocarro

The family of Francisco Bocarro were Separdim Jews
from Portugal who converted to Catholicism. Three
generations of them and are in the historical records
mentioned as “New Christians”. They were all in the
services of the Portuguese Empire in Asia.

The report is attached as a the-bocarro-familiy-at-goa

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1 Response to The Bocarro (Diaz Tavares) family in Goa

  1. Steven fernandes says:

    Hey….I’m Steven fernandes, I’m a Goan, but ten generations of my family have been in exile in Maharashtra.
    My grandparents always told me that the Portuguese tried to spoil their religion by throwing pork meat in Wells.
    However, the Hindus of Goa always ate pork (except for brahmins who are vegetarians. )
    My grandmother was particular of lighting candles every evening….Is it possible that I’ve a jewish heritage


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