The Times of India: Siridao chapel possible synagogue

“Siridao chapel could have Jewish history: Historian”


This structure display two totally different kind of layouts.

SIRIDAO: The quaint architecture of the Jesus of Nazareth chapel at Siridao has remained shrouded in obscurity, but a few are convinced the unusual dome-shaped structure holds a key to evidence of pre-Portuguese Christianity and a multicultural society in the area.

Perched on the edge of a hillock with a panoramic view of Zuari bay, the centuries-old chapel appears to be an extension of a smaller dome-shaped original.

A circular platform on the floor behind the altar and a few other features resemble the setup of a Jewish synagogue.

To read the full article: Source: The Times of India

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Most likely a Pre-Portuguse stucture, of possibly Jewish origin.


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