Garcia de Orta Municipal Garden: A letter to the Mayor of Panaji


This garden represent an oportunity to create heritage tourism. An ancient hero of Goa, most Goans have never heard about.

The Mayor of the city of Panaji (Panjim) sit on an untapped gold mine. By just furnishing a board of information about the life and legacy of Dr. Garcia de Orta in a garden that bears his name. 

Respected Sir.

Shri Surendra Furtado.
Honorable Mayor of the city of Panaji (Panjim)

Proposal for Garcia De Orta Municipal Garden

This has reference to todays meeting related to Garcia De Orta Municipal garden.
30th of January 2014, a Goa-Israeli roundtable was held at Kala Academy, in the
presence of the honorable Deputy CM of Goa. One of the proposals which has come
as a fruit of this roundtable, is to set up an information board inside the concerned
garden. A board that will give all visitors insight in the life and legacy of De Orta.

This proposal has been presented to Dr. Pratima Kamat of the Department of History at Goa University. She is the the right person who can provide the concerned information about De Orta, which can be displayed inside the garden.

If such a board can be set up, as a joint-venture between the Goa University and the
oce of the Mayor of Panjim, it will make the city a more favorable destination related
to heritage tourism. In particular for tourists from Israel.

To create awareness in Israel, I will c.c this proposal to a personal friend of mine,
Dr. Gideon Avni, the head of Archeology Survey of Israel. He is expected to come to
Goa as my private guest this winter, and will be able to grace such an initiative.

Sincerely yours.
Mr. Ivar Fjeld
Ribandar, Goa.
13th of October 2016

(end of letter)

There is enough space inside the Garcia de Orta Municipal Garden, to turn it into a World Class, Heritage Tourism site. And it will cost hardly a few pennies…


The garden is an almost hidden treasure in the centre of the city of Panaji (Panjim)

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